10 June 2010

Elegant gown+denim coat=new classic

Don' t follow the trend, you are the trend

This couple presents extravagant lifestyle of russian people. You have to be very bold and to have rich imagination to wear such a risque costume. We love this couple very much and we are very impressed by the way they fitted to each other. Small bright details in her look underline his beautifull outfit. Of course we can't pass by her elegant Cartier bag. It's 100 percent luxe.

9 June 2010

Playfull elegance

Hard to wear such amazing LV shoes in your every day life. This girl mixed them with a colourfull cocktail dress what made her look fresh, young and syn.

8 June 2010

Versace fantasyland

To make your look fresh and glamorous combine simple black dress with amazing sexy shoes. This season we prefer VERSACE vivid pastels and geometric prints. This shoes have unusual form combined with Baroque curlicues print, what makes them trashy and romantic. The idea of this collection is fantasyland, surely Donatella was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

7 June 2010

A natural chic

A romantic look combined with rich elegant detail. You can play with color and accessories to change the look and make it more glamourous.Imagination in fashion is more important than knowledge!