30 July 2010

Chic-casual look for early evening

We like the silhouette of this graphic dress, with its slightly raised waistline.

27 July 2010

McQueen's heritage

This lady looks like a mermaid. Her short, digitally printed dress has a very unusual form. This collection was inspired by the underwater world with its sea mammals, sharks and dolphins. Absolutely amazing works!

We love McQueen and are big fans of his talent. This genius marked the end of the decade in fashion. Everybody are looking forward to someone who would be able to replace him, someone who will hit the new decade with his incredible talent.

20 July 2010

Eye-catching duet

Amazing snake leather clutch is combined with a beautiful ring. It's a perfect accompaniment to any ensemble day or night.

19 July 2010

Girl's best friends

If you want more colour in summer time, perhaps, this deliciously coloured stones  will be more to your taste. We're sure to be seeing such rings  adorning the most glamorous fingers in the world. The shapes, inspired by flower motifs, are bringing playful romantic mood.

Put a Ring on it!

13 July 2010

Alma MM


Inspired by the shape invented in the 30s by Gaston Vuitton, the Alma MM is a classic of the House.